worldwide do not have access to basic health-check facilities.

      Even in developed countries, the health screening infrastructure is insufficient, as many diseases grow 5-15% annually

        For type 2 diabetes, there are 250 million unidentified cases in the world
        The probability of recovery from cancer is about 50%, but it has been proven that if the detection had occurred earlier, it would have been 95%
        COVID showed the inability of the world's healthcare systems to withstand such epidemics.

      Helping people live a healthy life!

      Our mission is to provide humanity with a universal, rapid, non-invasive, affordable, and easily scalable health screening infrastructure. This would enable early disease detection and prevent pandemics.

      We want to stop diabetes, cancer, tuberculosis, and many other infectious diseases. These are increasing at a galloping pace, leading to interoperability and taking countless lives. We also wish to quickly localize COVID-19 and possible similar epidemics that can devastate lives and lead to a collapse of the world's economies.

      How it works

      We have developed both breath and urine analyzers. They can be shipped without any special requirements, and the installation process does not require special skills.

      The plug-and-play mode breath analyzer can be easily mounted on a wall. While the urine analyzer is located in the toilet bowl in the bathroom.

      This is the crucial point; our infrastructure-as-a-service solution turns any public toilet or reception desk at an airport, hotel, campus, or office into a self-health check spot.


      After installation, the new device appears on the map in the user application


      A person can use it to find the nearest screening spot


      When at the self-health check spot, the user needs to identify himself using a QR code


      Select the disease to screen for and simply urinate or blow


      Within two to five minutes, the test results appear in the application


      Results can be presented to authorities or used to track health state