The Best Solution in the Industry, for Both Patient and Doctor

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Invisible Integration Into Patient Routine.

After the patient installs our device to the edge of their toilet bowl and completes the easy wifi setup, the system works completely automatically. It distinguishes between multiple users, screens out guests, and the battery lasts 6 months.

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Clear Dashboard Enables Effortless Monitoring.

Information is provided in an easy-to-use dashboard. Doctors are alerted to any potential health issue or shift in measurements automatically.

Here’s How We Help You Offer Improved Patient Care

In-office measurement is often inadequate. Conventional at-home measurement solutions are unwieldy and cumbersome. Here’s why CareTech is so much better:

Fully Automated

Operates independently without user intervention

Discreet Design

Unobtrusive and blends into home settings

Zero Maintenance

No regular upkeep or servicing needed

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No Consumables

Eliminates the need for replacements or refills

Remote Upgrades

Updates software without physical handling

Charge lasts 6 months

Long-lasting battery ensuring minimal disruption and continuous monitoring

Suits for Multiple Users

Automatically identifies which family member is using the restroom

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Early Detection

Quickly identifies potential health issues before they develop

What You Can Forget

Here’s what you can tell your patients they never need to do:


No Paper Diaries


Nothing to Hold


Nothing to Clean


Nothing to Calibrate


No Manual Transfer