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Take Better Care of Your Patients

Be everywhere at once with our automated, contactless, and easy-to-use solution that remotely monitors your patients' health. 
Enhance your urological practice with objective home uroflow and bladder diary data. 
Our inobtrusive solution maximizes patient compliance and improves health outcomes.


Streamlined, Inobtrusive, and Effective. 
Everything a Great Urology Solution Should Be.

Why You’ll Love the CareTech Solution

Uroflow Made Easy

Simplifies complex uroflowmetry procedures with user-friendly technology.

Automated Symptoms Severity Scores

Instantly quantifies symptom severity, streamlining patient assessments.

Objective Health Assessment

Delivers precise health metrics for accurate condition evaluation.

Effortless Patient Compliance

Enhances adherence with non-invasive and automatic monitoring.

Better Clinical Decision Making

Empowers providers with reliable data for informed treatment choices.

Reimbursement Codes Available

Enables the use of reimbursable remote monitoring codes.

"Discover the future of urology care with CareTech. This solution redefines ease, accuracy, and efficiency, enabling urologists to focus on what truly matters—patient outcomes. Experience the new era of seamless diagnostics and data-driven decision-making. Why settle for less when you can be the best?"

Recent news


Mar 2024

Exciting Update: The CareTech Human Team is thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming American Urological Association's 2024 Annual Meeting, taking place in San Antonio from May 3rd to 6th, 2024!


Jun 2023

Our team is excited to announce our official collaboration with the Center for Life Science Ventures Incubator (CLSV) based at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. CLSV is a university-based organization that focuses exclusively on supporting life science startups.


Dec 2022

The faculty and staff at Cornell have shown tremendous support for CareTech Human. It is the most incredible honor to work with mentors of the highest level. Thanks to the passed eO Incubator acceleration program - we have the possibility to work with the Cornell University staff and continue our path of project commercialization.


Oct 2022

The 1st place in the Infoshare Conference 2022 and award of €20,000! We are honored to participate in the biggest tech conference in CEE, have been recognized in this way, and remain committed to our mission of saving lives through innovative healthcare technology. 


Jul 2022

Google for Startups has extended their support to CARETECH HUMAN! We are humbled and honored to be among the first startups to receive funding and ongoing Google mentorship, product support, and Cloud credits from the Google for Startups Ukraine Support Fund.


Fall 2021

The Biomedical Zone hosts CareTech Human on board. With the support of a physician-led, hospital-based health technology incubator in downtown Toronto, we're on track to fulfilling our mission of creating scalable and sustainable healthcare solutions with global reach.