Take A Better Control Of Your Health

      Our product empowers people with an innovative, fully automated, painless, and affordable toilet-integrated solution for daily health checks and early disease detection


      Continuous health screening is one of the main instruments to prevent disease development and complications and support quality of life. However, currently, people are struggling with the available screening solutions on the market due to many reasons.

      Require human initiation

      Due to the absence of habit to meticulously perform screening tests, people only use preventive care in half of the recommended cases. It is the main cause of failures in a battle with diseases.

      Not affordable

      Both laboratory and some home point-of-care devices/tests that currently available on the market are expensive, which decreases the frequency of the screening procedures.

      Need to be scheduled in advance and are time-consuming

      Most of the test options still require going to the laboratory and taking a test there, which means that the person needs to research and plan the activity. Moreover, usually test results are not immediate.

      Provide the results for a specific point in time

      Most of the tests do not provide and take into consideration personal retrospective information, which makes it less effective for diagnosis formation.

      Tests one or a couple indicators/markers

      Most of the screenings provide information about one particular parameter. In case a person wants to have wider information, he/she needs to take additional tests or change cartridges/devices (in a home setting).

      Results are not accessible/integrated into medical systems

      Most of the screening devices and systems do not allow the use and exchange of data/results to other devices and systems, which makes personalized care and treatments less effective.

      Caretech Human

      Solves the above-mentioned pain-points and brings additional value through

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      Full automation

      In this device, each step of the screening is automated: user identification, the moment of urination and the right moment for sampling, processing of the sample and obtaining raw health data, ML/AI algorithm-based analysis, and result delivery to the end-user/doctor/medical systems. It does not require any changes in the human habit, thus ensures continuity of screening.

      Recognition of multiple disorders

      Caretech Human allows detecting multiple biomarkers and, and disease-related chemical patterns which have been proven to be related to the specific diseases, all in one device. Moreover, using the device's function of automated remote updates, the screening capacities can be quickly upgraded according to the new medical research discoveries/results to detect new diseases.

      No time expenditure

      Caretech Human is a plug-and-play device. After 20 minutes of simple setup sequence, the device works autonomously for a couple of years, enabling thousands of tests and silently providing health security.

      Data interoperability

      Caretech Human allows the exchange of data to other devices and systems, which provides an opportunity for a doctor to make more informed decisions in the future regarding patients’ problems or needs.


      "Chronic diseases that are totally avoidable through preventive care services account for 75 percent of the nation’s healthcare spending. They lower economic output in the US by $260 billion dollars a year"


      "In the long run, it’s more cost-effective to take steps to prevent disease than pay for treatments. As much as $3.7 billion in medical costs could be saved annually in the U.S. if preventive screenings increased by 90 percent"



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