Meet the team


Dr. Dan Matsui

  • Founder and CEO

    ● Has 12 years of international experience in executive positions both in private and public organizations. Managed teams of up to 100 people with a turnover of up to $15MM● Ph.D. in Physics. Studied material science in the field of nanomaterials for advanced technologies and novel sensors● Has been a CEO of SOE eHealth - a state-owned enterprise responsible for the digital transformation of the national healthcare sector in Ukraine ( ● Created three start-ups, which were successfully acquired by international companies


Oleksandr Korobov

  • Chief Technical Officer 

    ● Has more than eight years of successful experience in the development of ML-driven solutions● Led engineering teams ● Focused on research: AI/ML/NLP/Image Processing/Signal Processing● Development: ai-based solutions wrapped in production-ready web services and standalone applications.● Machine Learning in different tasks related to NLP/Image 


Sergii Dolzhenko

  • Head of Embedded

    ● Responsible for firmware development, systems design, and device production setup● Has more than 17 years of experience in the development of highly secure hardware products ● Successfully led embedded teams covering all phases from MVP to bulk manufacturing; specializes in the wearable and health tech domains


John De Caro, MD

  • Chief Medical Officer

    ● Graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine● Board-certified Urologist with a passion for evidence-based practices and for improving healthcare accessibility● In practice for more than 10 years. Background in Physics and Biological Sciences as well as grassroots development and experiential learning● Taking a lead in Telehealth & Digital Health Innovation. Medical training is enriched by medical school curriculum innovation, teaching, and research in stem cell biology, histology, human genetics, and reproductive health


Marina Matsui

  • Head of Product 

    ● Has four years of experience as the Business Analyst and seven years of experience as a process engineer and analyst of embedded systems● Had been working as a product owner at a leading Ukrainian software development company in life science and healthcare projects● Worked as a project engineer and team lead of an international energy project ("Chuangdonbei Gas Project", Sichuan Province, China), where supported a new gas plant start-up 


Dr.Dorogovtsev Andrey

  • Math Algorithms Developer

    ● Professor of Physics and Mathematics, The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine● Has 30+ years of experience as the Head of the Department of Theory of Random Processes at the Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine● Is an author of various publications and is cited in many scientific research works and publications. Hirsch Index by Scopus =11/Google Scholar =15


Liubov Eichner

  • IP & Legal

    ● Is excited with legal support of complicated business solutions. Worked over 10 years as a legal consultant, in-house counsel, and litigator in commercial, civil, administrative trials; commercial arbitration● As an in-house lawyer, acquired extensive legal support expertise in insurance and reinsurance brokerage, catering and hospitality, energy and gas supply


Irina Belenkaya

  • Investor Relations Manager

    ● Responsible in the team for communication with investors, a talent search for the team ● Has more than ten years of experience in IT project management, e-health, talent search● More than 10 years, successfully rebuilt and stimulated the growth and development of long-term strategic relationships in project

Advisory Board


Louis Walcer, MBA

  • Bussines development

    ● Director, Center for Life Science Ventures Cornell University● Senior commercialization officer at Cleveland Clinic Innovations● The technology commercialization arm of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation ● Has extensive experience developing new startups and commercialization ventures


Prof. Kendell Cannon

  • Value-Based Healthcare

    ● Project Advisor, Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University, and Chief Medical Officer at Pine Park Health● Leading innovation and continuous improvement for aging adults and those with serious illnesses. Passionate about findings on ways to help individuals achieve their personal health and life goals ● Champion of person-centered care, design-thinking, and addressing person-environment fit