Early Detection

      Some serious illnesses may start without any noticeable pain or symptoms. Regular urine tests increase the chances of discovering abnormalities at the early stages.

      Timely Monitoring

      At-home monitoring of your health. Get actionable urine test results in just a few minutes and help your physician to analyze your health trends over time.

      Peace of Mind

      Knowing feels good. Empower yourself with the right knowledge and put you & your loved ones' minds at ease. Fully automated screening covers a range of health deviations.

      We automate and digitize urinalysis

      One of the most important parameters of monitoring human health is the analysis of natural waste products. Urine and feces are an inexhaustible source of information that at this moment mankind ruthlessly flushes into the sewer.


      Vital early detection becomes affordable and won't require changes in human habits.

      Medicine had overwhelmingly advanced in treatment methods over the past several decades, however, innovation is necessary for early symptom detection.

      First at-home toilet monitoring device

      a non-invasive smart bathroom platform empowered by biotechnology, sensor networks, and artificial intelligence to continuously track people’s health for early detection of preventable diseases. 


      How It Works


      Unpack and connect

      The solution is designed to be installed in plug&play mode by the user wherever near the toilet. No special skills are required to start 24/7 preventive actions.

      Automatic testing

      When the device is located inside the bowl, it automatically takes a gas sample from the headspace, every time a person urinates. Then the device analyzes the gas sample and sends data to the cloud.

      Analyze and inform

      An algorithm evaluates the data in a structured way and automatically sends an alert to the doctor and user if a marker was detected. The doctor makes the decision, whether further lab tests are required.

      Noteworthy, the data is gathered during each toilet visit, so that the dynamics and statistics could be additionally analyzed for the doctor’s decision-making process.