News/Transformative Partnership


Apr 2024

🚀 Big News on a Transformative Partnership! 🚀

We're ecstatic to announce that CareTech Human started an exciting project with the stellar team at the Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering, Cornell UniversityThe goal is to perform a proof-of-concept study focused on animal urinary tract infections. This will allow extending our pioneering technology to improve veterinary care. Our mission is clear: to tackle bacterial urinary tract infections (UTIs) in pets with a noninvasive, quick, and accurate diagnostic tool, ensuring pets receive timely and precise treatment. This not only alleviates the stress for pets and their owners but also marks a significant leap towards better health management for our furry friends.
Also, this endeavor is set to open a new market in veterinary care for us, offering unprecedented partnership and licensing opportunities for our platform technology. 
Stay connected for exciting updates as we navigate this journey!