a new, ground-breaking remote monitoring solution


Full automation

It is absolutely automated, allowing passive everyday screening. It doesn’t require human initiation or consumables.

Unique data

Urowell integrates a device connected to the toilet bowl with ML-based cloud technology to provide objective health data and analytical insights.

Health protection

The results are superior clinical outcomes, early detection, and continuous monitoring of disease relapse.

Our vision is to advance this technology to become a new standard of care in the remote monitoring of urology diseases

Urowell working principle

A user receives a device and simply clips it to the toilet bowl. From that moment on, seamlessly integrated into users’ life and normal routine habits, the solution automatically performs health screening


Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms 

(LUTS) affect up to 50% and 80% in the fifth and eighth decades of life. LUTS consist of irritative (urgency, frequency, nocturia) and obstructive symptoms (hesitancy, a weak and interrupted urinary stream, straining to initiate urination, a sensation of incomplete bladder emptying). 

The common causes of these symptoms are Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Overactive Bladder (OB).

All in all, LUTS poor the quality of life of 60 million Americans.

Problem with LUTS/BPH/OB

The main problem with LUTS/BPH/OB is that in-home health screening and disease monitoring technologies are super restricted. Currently, available solutions force people to use paper-based diaries or gadgets that they have to hold while urinating. 
These solutions are all super-inconvenient, unreliable, difficult to clean, and stressful. They require a meticulous approach to operating and recording data. 

Why now?

The important trend in healthcare is the shift from sickness care to wellness care. In other words, changes in health management from yearly health checks to continuous monitoring. The modern approach is to catch diseases even before symptoms occur, and obviously, single data points during in-office visits are not sufficient anymore. This trend facilitated the rapid telemedicine boom and virtual-first concept that we’ve evidenced recently. Urology telemedicine grew dramatically in 2020-2021 and is now adopted by 59% of US urologists. But the instruments to support doctor-patient remote interaction are absent. Telehealth consultations and follow-on recommendations are based on subjective patient complaints, leading to ineffective treatment.

"Our mission is to close the technology gap and enable millions of people globally to improve their quality of life."

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