Mar 2022

UVCA supported CareTech Human and granted $5,000.  

First of all, we would like to thank you for your partnership, support, and initiatives.We really appreciate that the FREE Ukraine Foundation, jointly with the Ukrainian venture capital and private equity association (UVCA) are making efforts for our bright Ukrainian European future. 
Starting from February 24th, the CareTech Human has been focused on war-related activities and worked hard to arrange logistics of essential goods for military and civilians. But instead of creating and developing innovative products that will save millions of lives, we are forced to do our best and even more to protect our country, fighting for freedom, democracy, and truth.Currently, as processes are set up and all team members are accustomed to the new reality, the CareTech Human team is returning to work. We all are very motivated and believe in victory and the best future for Ukraine.
Of course, we all forgot about our problems and worries for some time, and health is no exception. All Ukrainians now think about only one thing - freedom and victory. But we have no right to give up our project because the lives of millions depend on our solution in the future. Our duty is to endure and, under any circumstances, return to work and realize all our ideas for the benefit of humanity.